• Corporate Membership
    12 ay
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    As a corporate member

    • You will join a network of companies interested in Hong Kong in the Netherlands
    • You will periodically receive our newsletter by email
    • Your company will be listed on the NHKBA website with your company profile (see member pages)
    • You will receive up to 50% discount on seminars and events organised by the NHKBA
    • You will be informed about our events and relevant events of others
    • You will be added to the database of the NHKBA
    • You will receive information about relevant trade fairs in Hong Kong
    • You will receive free admission for one person to a NHKBA event of your choice (in the year of registration)
    • We will refer your company to interested parties

  • Personal Membership
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    • Individuals can join the NHKBA as a personal member and enjoy discounts at events or join members-only events.
    • They will receive the newsletter regularly.
    • Personal members cannot use a company name when signing up and have one vote at General Meetings.